About Us

  • Brookwood Properties, LLC is the largest, family held self-storage owner in the U.S. Brookwood is led by R. Craig Smith as Founder, CEO and Member.

  • Brookwood Properties is recognized as the 28thlargest self-storage owner based on total square footage owned in 2019 Inside Self Storage 2019 Annual Rankings Top Owners.

  • First self-storage development took place in 1986 Baton Rouge, LA. This facility has since been renovated and expanded to include 120,000 net rentable square feet and 945 units.

  • Today, the Brookwood Properties and affiliates portfolio consists of 50 facilities, 4,747,020 net rentable square feet and 40,619 units across Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi with expansion plans to include Arizona and Alabama by year end 2020.

  • Initially, Brookwood Properties self-managed all facilities under the brand ‘The Storage Center’ until converting to third party management in 2014. Today, all facilities are managed by Life Storage (NYSE:LSI).

  • The focus of the firm is ground-up development both inside the existing geographic footprint and new markets.

  • Brookwood plans to develop up to five new facilities annually, adding half a million square feet to its portfolio.

  • Brookwood leverages a consistent development team and process that results in quicker entitlement, construction and time to market than industry peers.

  • Kaufman Design Group has over 20 years of experience designing self-storage facilities nationally. Brookwood has used Kaufman on every project since 2006. Together with Kaufman, Brookwood is able tomaximize the buildable land of each site and produce a building that is nearly 80% net rentable square feet.

  • Rosehill Construction, owned by Craig Smith, and led by President Danny Montelepre, is responsible for partnering with Kaufman and Brookwood to design and most efficient site plan, building and overall project delivery.

  • Danny Montelepre has built self-storage facilities since 2003, totaling over 7,000,000 square feet nationally. Danny has been vital to Brookwood’s projects ranging from pre-development meetings, design, construction and maintenance once completed.

  • Together, Rosehill and Kaufman allow Brookwood to develop multi-story, class A facilities at average cost that is approximately 30% below industry peers. These cost savings enable to complete more projects and continue to scale the footprint in existing markets and expand into new markets.